Vinyl window film

Commercial Vinyl Window Film

Do you want to make the glass in your retail or office space? Commercial vinyl window film can turn that glass into a major asset for improving the safety, function and look of your building. 

With our commercial window film services, you can solve the all your glass-related problems: privacy, security, safety, energy costs and even appearance. Best of all, we are a full-service shop, so we will assist you from start to finish. From design to printing to installation, we handle your entire project in-house.


Window film installation is the process of adding a thin film to glass surfaces in order to reduce the amount of light that passes through. Tinting can be done for aesthetic or functional purposes, and is often used in both residential and commercial settings.  



Privacy film

This type of film is opaque and helps to prevent people from being able to see into your space. It is often used in offices, retail stores, and restaurants.

Security Film

This type of film is designed to hold glass together in the event of breakage. It is often used in high-security areas or in buildings located in areas with high crime rates.

Safety Film

This type of film is designed to prevent injuries by holding glass together in the event of breakage. It is often used in schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.

Distraction Graphics

This type of film can be used to add graphics or branding to your windows. It is often used in retail stores and office buildings.

Solar Film

This type of film helps to reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that enter your space. It is often used in office buildings, retail stores, and homes.


At DPI Creative, we offer a variety of commercial window film services to meet your needs. We offer design, printing, and installation services for all types of window film. We also offer a variety of finishes and colors to choose from.

Commercial Window Film Design

Our team of graphic designers will help you determine the best design for your project, particularly if you are interested in distraction graphics. We will work directly with you and your creative team to ensure all of your window films meet your brand guidelines to give every visitor and employee a true sense of who you are as a business.

Commercial Window Film Printing

When our graphic designers complete their design work with you, the project will then move to our in-house printing department. All of our window film is printed right in our office, which means there is a familiarity and collaborative approach to everything we do. Printing the materials in-house also allows us to expedite the entire process, meaning your window film can go from design to your windows in a much shorter time frame.

Commercial Window Film Installation

Once your window film is designed and printed, our expert team will work with you to schedule an installation appointment. Our team knows and understands window film installation, meaning your project will be installed correctly and quickly. 


There are many benefits to adding window film to your commercial space, including:

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial vinyl window film services, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have.