Creative Architectural Branding

Architectural Branding and Window Film

Your brand should come through in everything you do, including your office space. Architectural branding ensures your employees and customers feel connected to your companies identity at all times. ​

Our team of professional designers work closely with you to capture your brand and make it part of your office space, so every step an employee or customer takes will create a memorable experience that will keep them coming back.


Traditionally, architecture and branding have been thought of as two separate disciplines. The layout of an office space would incorporate signs and a few branded elements, but the brand never truly felt like it was part of the actual building itself. 

With advances in technology, branding and architecture can now be combined to create a seamless experience for both customers and employees. Studies consistently show that both employees and customers are more likely to show loyalty to companies that have well-defined brands; and that includes your commercial space. The ability to make your brand come alive in the walls and glass of your office space leaves a lasting impression that can enhance productivity in the workplace and build brand loyalty with your customers. 


It is hard to create a real experience with just a few logos on the walls. The reality is, you want your space to reflect the culture of your company. If you are hosting high-end clients, you want your office space to reflect that with high-end designs throughout your space. On the other hand, if you are trying to give employees a more relaxing environment to work, that design aesthetic should come through in your space as well.

The physical layout of your office space is no longer the only aspect that can determine the style of your office. You can now enhance the physical layout with architectural branding that can bring it to life. At DPI Creative, our team will work with you to help you figure out the best architectural branding to incorporate based on the function and company culture of your business.

Once we determine the direction, our team will handle the entire project, from design to printing to installation. So you can rest assured that the entire project will be cohesive and connected to give your office space the upgrade it deserves.