Architectural finishes

Architectural Surface Finishes

Giving your office space a facelift used to take a huge investment in time and money, working with multiple contractors to give your space the look it needed.

Now, though, with architectural surface finishes, you can give your office a complete update with much less time and effort. Not only will it give you the beautiful look you're looking for, but it will protect your surfaces and allow you to renovate easier when it's time to make the next update.


Architectural finishes are exactly what they sound like: it is the finish of the exposed part of a building. This includes the walls, doors, ceiling and anything else you see in a physical space. For many businesses, the cost and time of updating those finishes can be an obstacle that makes it impossible to make the updates they want. It leaves many office spaces feeling sterile and plain.

With modern architectural surface finishes, you can get the look you want without the time and money. Instead of dealing with a contractor to manage wood accents, tile, stone or any other material, you can use film to get the same look. And best of all, you can deal with a single provider to handle the design, printing and installation to alleviate those headaches. 



Improved aesthetics

The most obvious reason to consider architectural finishes is to enhance the look of your building. From the foyer to hallways to offices, you can create unique spaces that not only match your brand, but can create spaces that work for the function. You likely want to experience in your foyer and elevators to be different than in conference rooms and offices. With architectural finishes, that becomes much easier to accomplish.


Extended life 

Like everything else, buildings age. With architectural finishes, you can hide these blemishes and even extend the life of your office by protecting your walls and ceilings from the elements. 

Create functional spaces

Not only will architectural finishes create unique looks, but they can also add privacy and separate different areas without needing to add walls. Doing this can increase productivity and the efficiency of how your office is used. 

If you are interested in learning more about our architectural finish services, contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have.